Privacy policy

. Ownership of rights
1.1. Ali cloud Logo website, “the cloud” and “aliyun” text, graphics and combination, and Ali cloud website logo, emblem and other services such as Ali cloud name Ali cloud and its affiliates registered trademark in Chinese and other countries. No Alibaba cloud is authorized in writing, no one can show, use or do other treatments in any way, including, but not limited to, copy, broadcast, display, mirror, upload, download, nor show others that you have the right to show, use or do other treatments.
The intellectual property rights of all the products, services, technologies and all programs (hereinafter referred to as “technical services”) belong to Ali cloud or to the owners of their rights, 1.2. Ali cloud website.
1.3. unless otherwise stated Ali Ali cloud, Ali cloud cloud has released documents and other information on the web site (including but not limited to text, graphics, pictures, photos, audio, video, icons, colors, layout design, electronic documents) all rights (including but not limited to copyright, trademark, patent, business all the secrets and other related rights). Without permission of Ali cloud, no one is allowed to use the above content without authorization, including, but not limited to, monitoring, copying, broadcasting, displaying, mirroring, uploading and downloading any content in Ali cloud website through programs or devices. It is authorized to browse, copy, print and disseminate information content in Ali cloud site. Such contents can not be used for commercial purposes, and all information content and any part must be included in this statement of rights.

Two. Limitation of responsibility
2.1. Ali Ali cloud cloud users in the forum, community and cloud market, upload and provide and publish relevant information, including but not limited to the user name, company name and contact information, pictures and information, the information provided by the user, any information users need to Ali cloud it provides shall take full responsibility.
2.2. Ali cloud website reprinted works (including forum content) for more information purposes, does not mean Ali cloud agrees with their views or confirms the authenticity of its content.
2.3. Ali cloud here indicates that during the use of Ali cloud services, you should abide by the laws of People’s Republic of China, do not harm network security, and not use Ali cloud’s services to engage in other activities of infringing reputation, privacy, intellectual property rights and other legitimate rights and interests. In spite of the foregoing, Ali cloud does not take any responsibility for the purpose and purpose of using Ali cloud services.

Three. Protection of intellectual property rights
We respect intellectual property rights, oppose and combat violations of intellectual property rights. Any organization or individual that Ali cloud web pages (including web content and client page) content (such as commodity information, cloud service providers market reprint articles published etc.) may infringe upon their legitimate rights and interests, through to the Ali cloud (https:// put forward written right announcement, Ali cloud will receive intellectual property rights qualified notice in accordance with the law as soon as possible.
Privacy policy
Ali Yun (hereinafter referred to as “we”) respects and protects the information of the user, and will treat this information with a high level of diligence and prudent obligation. When you use the services provided by the Ali cloud website, we will collect, process and disclose your information in accordance with this privacy policy. We hope to introduce you to our way of dealing with you clearly through this privacy policy. Therefore, we recommend that you read the privacy policy completely, so as to help you understand the way to maintain your privacy.
If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact us through the various contacts provided by the Ali cloud.
This policy will help you understand the following:
1. Scope of application
Two. Collection and use of user information
Three. The sharing, transfer and public disclosure of user information
Four. User business data and public information
Five. Management of user information
Six, cookie and similar technology
Seven, the update of the policy of privacy
Eight. How to contact us